What you will get

Ho Ho Ho! It's Christmas.

Remember this? Christmas. You're a Child. And you're silently sneeking out of bed. Why? To take a "little look" at your presents! I know you did. We all did!

So here's your sneeking-out-of-bed preview on what you'll get when working with me. But don't tell Mom!

  • A unique High-Quality Cover-Design
  • A print-ready PDF-File
  • A pixel-perfect Jpg-File
  • 2 - 4 realistic Live-Mockups for your Marketing
  • All Rights to use the Cover
  • All Advice I can give on Marketing

Pretty good Stuff, right? Now back to bed? Hell no! Let's take a closer Look at each. Wow, being a Child is great.

Unique Design

The Design you will get from me is 100% unique. That means that everything is Handcrafted from Scratch.


You will get the Design delivered in the correct File-Format, Size and Resolution. No need to worry about Calculations.


Live-Mockups are realistic 3D-rendered Models of your final Book. They give you a running-start with your Marketing.


Putting it simply: You'll get all the rights of the Cover. It will be yours completely. No Hooks, No Trap-Doors.


You you need help with the Marketing? I'll offer all Advice I can give. For free. To help you get started.