Nils Dannemann

Hi there, I'm Nils.

And I'm (kinda) addicted...

By daylight I'm a graphic & webdesigner with a marketing background. I drink my coffee like everyone else I guess. But at night I put on my superhero costume and fight the everlasting fight for beautiful book covers.

I'm heavily addicted to beautifully designed books:
I like to look at them, explore them, try to understand them.
And most of all: create them.

But first, know four (pretty random) facts about me:

How I about
How I about

Fact 1: I'm an Orc

Watched Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”? Then you have seen me as well. I’m one of the orcs.

Fact 2: I dance in crazy places

I went to China and found myself doing a little breakdance show in front of 4000 sutdents.

How I about
How I about

Fact 3: I play videogames

Final Fatasy VII – remember that one? Favorite Characters: Could, Vincent & Red XIII.

Fact 4: I'm in love with fantasy

The best books you can possibly read: “The name of the wind” & “The wise man’s fear”.

Nils Dannemann

What's the plan?

Sneek-peek into my future.

Everyone has some kind of perfect vision of how his life should be. Through travel and design I realized that every day we are not moving our lives in exactly that direction is pretty much a lost day.

My goal is to support my family with something I love to do rather than something I have to do.

I want to create something of real value with my work rather than just work for works sake.

Through designing the very best book covers I possibly can I'll try to achieve both. And there it is: My dreams at your feet. :-)